When founding Pin Drop Acoustics we envisioned an acoustics consulting firm that would focus on using sound to create connections: actor to audience, teacher to student, celebrant to congregant, co-worker to co-worker. By deeply engaging with our clients, we have been able to develop creative and often unexpected solutions to acoustic challenges for more than 100 projects nationwide.

We have had an exciting two and a half year run, growing substantially from year to year. But that growth has been mixed with volatility, and we have decided—with continued affection and mutual admiration—that the lure of greater stability and the comaraderie found in a larger team draws us both to new places.

As of 1 November 2012, Evelyn will join New York-based Charcoalblue [updated September 2013] and Greg will join Chicago-based Threshold Acoustics. Our new contact information is listed below.

Thank you for your support over the last two years. We have enjoyed working with you and look forward to connecting with you in the future from our new positions.

Greg Miller & Evelyn Way.


Gregory Miller
Threshold Acoustics LLC
53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 815
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Evelyn Way
Charcoalblue Theatre and Acoustics Consultants
134 West 26th Street, Suite 604
New York, NY 10001